Sean Moffatt


Since his teenage years, Sean has always had a passion for writing and music.  By combining those two talents together, Sean became a freelance writer for DJ Mag Canada before becoming the primary blogger for INK Entertainment’s The Guvernment blog.  Sean covered countless events at many of INK’s famous venues including Uniun and of course The Guvernment.  Eventually, he decided to extend his reach in Toronto and internationally by creating his own blog Ibizadreaming.  With Ibizadreaming, Sean had the opportunity to write about music, interview artists, and cover dance music events all over the world.

Currently, Sean has transitioned from the nightclub to transit as a social media specialist for York Region Transit.

Sean’s goal is to use the experience he has to have to help non-profits and international organizations build strong, meaningful relationships via social media. He is a seasoned traveler and has learned a lot about the struggles that exist outside of the developed world. To Sean, social media is the perfect medium to influence social behaviour on a large scale and ultimately help drive change.

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