Chrissy Newton

ChrissyWith a passion for helping others globally and locally, Chrissy Newton created a philanthropic arm called Meet Me In Africa to showcase how one person CAN make a social impact  in the world. Her goal with Meet Me In Africa is to help develop and nurture an orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania with youth based programming, sustainable agricultural and housing development.

In her corporate day to day, Chrissy Newton helps companies and personal brands stand out from the rest. While moving with the trends within multiple industries, she creates distinct, permeating, and lasting relationships for each of her clients. Chrissy consistently brings a unique vision to everything she touches. She not only represents companies and assists in business development, she also creating outlets for companies to showcase their products and services.

Chrissy’s truly believes in the brands and the people behind the brands she works with. She inspires her clients to go the extra mile to do good for the city while expanding their own brands.


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