Mark Munroe

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Actor, model, singer and jack of all trades –if  one  thing  is  certain,  it’s  that  Mark  Munroe  is  a  force  to   be reckoned with. At only 31 years old, Munroe has lived through adventures and experiences that many never encounter in an entire lifetime. From athletics in his youth, to worldwide success as a model, Munroe has even worked as an actor, and has written and produced an album and several singles as a solo artist.

Of late, Munroe has earned the title of Social Media maverick. His aptitude for harnessing the power of social media platforms has branched out into a social media company, Mark Munroe Media, where he uses the skills and knowledge he has developed to help musicians, businesses and brands reach millions of potential fans, clients and customers, which his own following has now hit over 100k. As the founder of Addicted Magazine, Munroe seeks to break boundaries and reach new heights in the media world, to bring the best in lifestyle and entertainment to those in the know, using his network of colleagues and tastemakers. 

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