Lazybones began simply as recording project for East Coasters Matt Wells and Tim MacNeill who had found a common desire to make music just for the sake of making music. Matt had just closed the books on his 12 year journey with the notorious St. John’s band Bucket Truck and was nurturing his career as an actor, music journalist and Gemini nominated television host. Tim had pressed pause on an award winning song writing and music career with Nova Scotia band Arlibido choosing to focus on a BA in International Development Studies and a Masters Degree in Development Economics with his sights set on a PHD (he is now doctah Tim).

“…..Invoking the spirit of Americana splashed with elements of roots-folk, bluegrass, and country, punctuated by warm harmonies and acoustic guitars brimming with a joyous sense of old-time sentimentality. An ode to the timeless nature of strong song-writing, Lazybones brims with intelligence and emotion, coated with the quiet intensity of the heartland…..” 
-The Lonely Vagabond.

  “Lazybones is about good and true songwriting, both gritty and heartfelt. With roots in traditional folk, and a pop sensibility that’ll hook you before the first chorus rings out, it’s front porch folk music with an open door policy.”
Jill Barber

“Washboard? Check. Banjo? Of course. Harmonies that bring tears to your eyes? Plenty.”

After a chance meeting revealed the 2 were actually living in the same Toronto neighborhood, Matt and Tim reconnected over old East Coast music war stories that turned into songwriting sessions and eventually the debut album: “Songs from Here”. SFH is an eclectic collection of songs that features guest performances from Dave and Geoff Panting of Rawlins Cross, Jill Barber, and Huey Lewis.

Now 7 years deep into this musical adventure which has grown into a full on family band which includes Matt’s Dad and 8 year old daughter, Lazybones have found their way onto stages with artists like Great Big Sea, Levon Helm, Tom Cochrane, The Trews,  and The Skydiggers; and continue to make music just because.