iShiSH is not the kind of guy that waits for something to happen. He’s the guy that makes things happen. Born to a Jamaican father and an Irish/Canadian mother, his drive was apparent from the very beginning. His musical lineage goes back to his grandfather, a calypso singer in Jamaica and as a youth he split his time between Canada and Jamaica. After graduating high school he wanted to not only see how far he could take his musical career but loved acting too so he headed to New York to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Landing a series of TV and film roles helped to pay the bills while he continued to create music. Incredibly, his very first single, “Falling In Love With You,” produced as an independent artist, landed him a Top 40 radio hit. He followed that up with the mixtape The Name is iSH and then walked in to MuchMusic, unannounced to deliver a video for the track “Priceless,” walking out with that video in regular rotation.

In 2011, just for the hell of it, he remixed that summer’s biggest hit, “Hello,” by Martin Solveig and Dragonette and then discovered that Solveig not only tweeted about the remix but then went ahead and added it to his own debut EP, The Night Out. That remix and a subsequent remix of Robyn’s “Cobrastyle” reached #1 on The Hype Machine.

It wasn’t long before iSH discovered that his fans included many of the bloggers influencing musical tastes around the world.

“Every once in a while, there comes a mixtape that is seamless, with no filler tracks and constant nosebleed material…meet iSH.” – The Nosebleed Section  

“If you don’t find yourself bobbing your head to this, you probably aren’t real human.” –  

“When it comes to what’s coming out of Canada today, this dude iSH is what we and plenty of others are excited about.” – VibeToThis  

“iSH’s choice to sample from up-and-coming, and sometimes obscure artists sets him apart from most artists and really gives him a unique style.” –

The same drive that led to his initial success led to a record deal with Warner Music Canada. But don’t think for a second that signing with a major label meant that he had accomplished his goals and was going to settle down. With contract in hand, iSH went back in to the studio and worked like a force of nature, continuing to create inescapably catchy songs that could be to soundtrack to an endless summer. The first single born out of the new partnership, “Rollin’ (featuring Stef Lang)”, hit Top 40 radio and video in Canada announcing his bold presence to pop music fans across the nation

With the release of his major label debut EP, Up & Up, iSH delivers on all of the promise of his initial mixtape. The record’s seven songs display his incredible ear for undeniable hooks and rolling rhythms that keep your head bopping and your toes tapping. This is a top down, crank up the volume unabashed good time featuring collaborations with Dave Faber (“Rebel”), the aforementioned “Rollin’” and the new single “Light Up” with Eleven Past One’s Daniel Richter.

With the release of Up & Up, the party has just begun.

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