DJ Samantha

Canadian award-winning actress and DJ, Samantha Michelle has taken an international and diversified approach to her acting training, having studied in New York City, Toronto, Oxford, London, Los Angeles and Paris. Recently, Samantha relocated to London from Los Angeles, where she spent time working in film after graduating from New York University in 2011.

Samantha has been coined as the perfect film noir actress — her acting roles vary from dark, physiological thrillers to in-depth character roles. Equipped with deep understanding of — and appreciation for —

the classical western theatre canon, as well as contemporary new writing, Samantha relishes in crafting lasting characters and bringing new life to legendary roles. She loves to transform — emotionally and psychically — both on stage and on screen.

In 2013, Samantha dove head first into the DJ scene and has since played at the Soho House in Toronto and London, England,The Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto and many more. Samantha is known for her unique, daring taste in music and her exceptional ability to read a crowd. As an up-tempo, energetic DJ,Samantha is fixedly committed to creating a liberating environment for her audiences; with innovative musical selections and an authentic sense of enthusiasm, Samantha encourages her audiences to feel free and positive — to abandon self-censorship and dance shamelessly in order to further expand her realm of artistic expression, and eager to synthesize her love of music with her passion for live performance, in 2013.

Samantha draws from an eclectic catalog of music including tracks by James Brown,The Supremes, Billy Idol, The Beach Boys, Iggy Pop, Steve Winwood, Chubby Checker, La Douche and many others. Samantha fuses her love of music and movies as she plays singles from cult films such as Dirty Dancing and a Night at the Roxbury.

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