Craig Stickland


Craig Stickland has perfected a style of harmony-driven introspective pop. Going to a Craig Stickland performance feels like being brought into a community, or into a good group of friends. The fans are captivated by Craig’s presence and what’s happening on stage, whether it’s a ten-piece or three piece band in a crowded bar, or an intimate stripped down acoustic performance. The records range from heartfelt ballads about the state of the world, to autobiographical story-telling songs about relationships, to up-tempo driven pop songs.

Wanting to find a different sound from the traditional mainstream Pop music,  Craig set out to record an organic record with beautiful textures, sweeping string lines, layered harmonies, with the main focus being on the craft of songwriting. At first listen, the record has a very classic sound to it with the unique soulful spin and pop sentiments woven throughout, it’s clear the songs won’t have trouble keeping up with anything on the radio. This album is one to look out for.


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