Broken Sons

The success of a rock band depends largely on the chemistry of its songwriters. Broken Sons is no exception. When front man Jay Manara and bassist Devon Gergovich met in 2006, it was over a shared passion for crafting music. Out of this evolved the strong, cohesive partnership that serves as the foundation of the band we know today.

Broken Sons draws on many influences, but its sound is refreshingly original. Manara and Gergovich have successfully honed a unique style that is equal parts 90’s grunge and 80’s anthem rock laced with rich harmonies and hooks.

The band effectively translated this sound to the stage with a solid live act that combines first-rate musicianship with infectious energy. Extensive touring refined and perfected their performance while earning them a loyal fan base and a slew of admirers.
Yet, despite all this, Manara and Gergovich felt the overall sound they were looking for was eluding them. Following the release of their self-titled EP in 2008, Broken Sons wanted to add a new dimension to their music, a new articulation. They needed someone who could aid in its growth and evolution. Writing began skewing toward a harder brand of rock, fused with a wider variety of influences and pop-sensibility, and the band needed the right producer to realize this.

Three-time Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer David Bottrill, whose credits include Tool, MUSE, Silverchair, Smashing Pumpkins, Staind and Peter Gabriel, was given the band’s original demos and recognized tremendous potential upon hearing them. Believing he had something worthwhile to contribute, Bottrill agreed to work with the band. Soon after, Manara, Gergovich, guitarist Greg Keyes and drummer Jason Pierce joined Bottrill and co-producer/engineer Kevin Dietz at Metalworks Studios to begin work on a five-track EP.

The result represents a new direction for Broken Sons. The musical style that was born out of a mutual aptitude for crafting music has been let loose with an unbridled sonic energy and launched to stratospheric heights. The vocals are stronger, melodies and choruses are richer and more textured; and the overall sound is beautifully refined. Broken Sons is excited to share its finished product with audiences everywhere, both as a polished studio release and live on stage. 2013 promises to be a busy year for the four-piece rock band from Toronto. There’ll be a lot of blood and sweat, but a fresh sound, shared love of music and unstoppable drive will no doubt be enough to see them through with success.

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